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*As of 11/21/2011--I will no longer be capturing family, children, individual, or wedding photography sessions. I have enjoyed getting to know graduating seniors, adorable little toddlers, and unique, loving families and couples. I'll never forget the jumping pictures or being in a hospital room the day a little one arrives, but for now my life is turning to a room of sixth graders, eager to learn math, and I can't take pictures and give them the attention they need, so I'm scaling back. Thank you so much for being interested in my photography!! I know you'll find that photographer that will suit you & your family, and give you the pictures that will truly last a lifetime . . . worth a thousand words!

my last photo shoot . . .

Being a photographer has really been fun for me, but everything fun (and time consuming) must come to an end, especially when I am about to head into a sixth grade classroom.  I have enjoyed being at weddings, meeting families and extended families, and watching the children I took pictures of grow into young men & women.  :) 

I couldn't retire until I took pictures of my favorite subjects (o.k. they probably will always get their pictures made by Mom), but this was 'officially' my last photo shoot.  I love my kiddoes, and they seem to be growing up even though we have told them they will be grounded if they do.

Here are some shots from our day:

hmmmmmmmm . . . I wonder which picture will be on our Christmas cards?!!  :)  And Memaw . . . let me know your order.  :)  he-he


Allison Cunningham said...

I love these pictures but it makes me so sad at the same time. :-( I love their outfits! You did a great job coordinating them. I can't believe how Karston and Kadens faces have changed so much. They r getting so big! Miss you guys so much!

Ally said...

These are soooo good! My kids need to take a lesson from your kiddos how to look at the camera and smile!! I am excited for your next step in life. Love you! See you soon!!